(all speakers are included)
Kazuyuki Aihara (the University of Tokyo)
"Mathematical Approach to Personalized Medicine."
"Applied Algebraic Geometry in Model Based Design for Manufacturing."
Heinz Bauschke (University of British Columbia)
"New Developments in Splitting Methods for Road Design Optimization."
Bernard Bonnard (Université de Bourgogne)
"Illustrations on How the Medical Field is Inspiring New Developments in Mathematics with a Special Emphasis on Morphogenesis and Medical Imaging." with Monique Chyba.
Eric Bonnetier (Université Joseph Fourier)
"Echoscan : Electrical Impedance Tomography by Elastic Perturbation."
Philip Broadbridge (La Trobe University)
"Applications of Integrable Nonlinear Diffusion Equations in Industrial Modelling."
Murray Cameron (IDTC and University of Technology Sydney)
"Changing Research Training for Mathematicians for Industry."
Dooho Choi (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea)
"Secure Crypto Implementation and Mathematics."
Monique Chyba (Dept. of Mathematics, University of Hawaii at Mãnoa)
"Illustrations on How the Medical Field is Inspiring New Developments in Mathematics with a Special Emphasis on Morphogenesis and Medical Imaging." with Bernard Bonnard.
Georges-Henri Cottet (Université Joseph Fourier)
"Mathematics, Hybrid Computing and HPC."
José Alberto Cuminato (Universidade de São Paulo)
"Implicit Methods for Simulating Low Reynolds Number Free Surface Flows: Improvements on MAC-type Method."
Keisuke Hakuta & Hisayoshi Sato (Yokohama Res. Lab., Hitachi.)
"Cryptographic Technology for Benefiting from Big Data."
John Hearne (RMIT University)
"Managing the PhD Experience – More than Just Research."
Dietmar Hömberg (WIAS/TU Berlin)
"Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Multifrequency Induction Hardening."
Frank de Hoog (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)
"Simple Mathematical Models for Complex Industrial Processes."
Go Kato (NTT Communication Science Labs.)
"Analytical Optimization of Local Quantum Operation and Classical Communication."
Masakazu Kojima (Chuo University/JST CREST)
"Global Optimization via Conic Linear Programming Relaxation."
J.P.Lewis (Victoria University)
"Splines and Principal Components: Steps toward a Unified Model."
Shuai Lu (Fudan University)
"Parameter Identification in Non-isothermal Nucleation and Growth Processes."
Shinichiro Nakamura (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. and RIKEN)
"Expectations to Mathematics, from an Industrial Basic Researcher."
Andrea Parmeggiani (Université Montpellier Ⅱ)
"Exclusion Processes on Networks as Models for Cytoskeletal Transport and Intracellular Traffic."
Osamu Saeki (IMI, Kyushu University)
"Visualizing Multivariate Data Using Singularity Theory."
Shingo Saito (Faculty of Arts and Science, Kyushu University)
"Bayesian Approach to Measuring Parameter and Model Risk in Loss Ratio Estimation."
Kaoru Sato (JFE Steel Corporation)
"The Continuing Challenge of Steel - How to Win Mathematicians and Influence Scientists in Other Disciplines -."
Wil Schilders (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)
"Industrial Mathematics in Europe."
Tomoyuki Shirai (IMI, Kyushu University)
"Applications of Determinantal Point Processes."
Takaaki Shiratori (Microsoft Research Asia)
"User Interfaces for Creating Character Animation."
Winston Sweatman (Massey University)
"Some Australian and New Zealand Mathematics-in-Industry Study Group (MISG) Projects with a Focus on the Steel Industry."
Sohei Tasaki (Tohoku University)
"Phase-separating Elastic System of Mixed Lipid Bilayers."
Naonori Ueda (NTT Communication Science Labs.)
"Bayesian Meta-learning and its Application to High-Level Real Nursing Activity Recognition Using Accelerometers."
Evgeny Verbitskiy (Leiden University)
"Thermodynamic Ideas in Information Theory."
Graeme C. Wake (Massey University)
"Tumour Cell Biology and some New Non-local calculus."
Ryo Yoshida (the Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
"Bayesian Statistics for Designing Systems, Molecules and Others."

[Young Researchers Short Talks]
Takuya Hayashi (IMI) : IPSJ Kiyasu Special Industrial Achievement Award 2012.
"Cryptanalysis of Pairing-based Cryptosystems over Small Characteristic Fields."
Yusuke Imoto (Graduate School of Mathematics, Kyushu University) : IMI Director Award 2012.
"Truncation Error Analysis of Approximation Operators on Particle Methods."
Shun'ichi Yokoyama (CREST Researcher, IMI) : Best Poster Award, Poster Session, FMI2011. Research Encouragement Award 2013, JSSAC.
"Lit-sphere Extension for Artistic Rendering: after FMI2011."

Session Chairs